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Welcome to my site!

Thanks for stopping by. Please have a look at my work, and learn about what I do... See what I can do for you!

Who am I?

I've successfuly worn the hats of creative director, commercial director, broadcast/web producer, editor, cinematographer, lighting director/designer, and media consultant.
I've worked in many different genres: sports, music, reality, talk, corporate, comedy, drama, science information, medical, government, non-profit, documentary, features, human interest, broadcast, crewing, etc. Click Here for History

Walter began his career in 1982 as an assistant stage manager at the then newly opened Silvercup Studios in Queens, NY where he worked on national commercial spots, music videos, and feature films. After Silvercup, he branched out further into the feature film industry. He started out as a grip on large and small-budget films, and eventually worked his way up to Director of Photography. Walter was hired to build an insert stage at one of the premiere editing facilities in NY. There, he did studio production and on-line editing of numerous network shows and specials.

In 1993, Walter was hired as the field producer on Ricki Lake's daytime talk show. He stayed for nine seasons, earning an Emmy Award for Best Main Title Theme, which he shot and directed. Walter has also produced content for seven other daytime talk shows.

Walter has worked as a commercial director for numerous advertising agencies in NYC. He honed his skills freelancing for numerous clients behind the lens as well as in the roles of producer, writer, editor, and director.

Walter also spent many years designing and implementing lighting designs for various networks and corporate clients such as ESPN. Walter was hired as the chief lighting designer at NBA (National Basketball Association) Entertainment from its inception where he worked on many commercials and television programs seen in the U.S. and around the world.

Today Walter continues to work in these areas and also offers consulting services to many organizations. To date, Walter has worked on over two-thousand productions as a director, writer, producer, director of photography, lighting director, editor, and all around "chef." Few professionals in his business have the experience, versatility, and passion that Walter brings to every production.

Latest News & Work

Kelly and Michael Live! I'm known for speedy editing and maintaining quality under pressure.
Microsoft Comes To The Rescue I produced an emotional piece for Microsoft and other supporters of a Los Angeles group.
ESPN-Jim Bean I shot and directed comedian Aries Spears in multiple US cities for ESPN sponsor Jim Bean's commercial series "The Next Round" seen during Sports Center
Selling Spelling Manor I was the Director of Photography on the latest in this series of specials shown on HGTV.
Radio Radio I produce radio spots for three markets with Balise Motor Sales, one of the countries largest auto groups.

What I Offer...

VERSATILITY, EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE, CREATIVITY I've been involved with over 2500 broadcast and non-broadcast film, video, and multimedia web projects. I work with major TV syndication distributors, Fortune 500 companies, local TV stations, non-profits, record labels, production companies, public relations, agencies, and individuals who need only the best quality production. Diversity Detail

I've worked in the advertising, marketing, corporate communications, broadcast television, public relations, radio, feature film, and web-based media industries for over 20 years. My diverse background has allowed me to excel in more areas of the film and video industry than most people will work in a single career. From television staples like Bill Moyers, America's Most Wanted and Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years Eve, to projects for corporate giants Microsoft, Sony Music, and Coca Cola, my work continues to be a major force in the evolution of production.

Expertise in...

Reality TV Talk Television Advertising Music Fashion Corporate Non-Profit Medical Public Relations Sports Music Video Non-professional Talent Sizzle Reels Impossible Deadlines

Why Hire Me?

I've got vast experience and bring so much to every project! I'm a team player with strong interpersonal skills and a proven track record, the person others turn to when something needs to get done, unafraid to take the ball and run when needed. I'm well versed in everything from writing to cinematography, and I deliver 110%, one-hundred percent of the time.

"Can Someone Do It All"

I don't know who invented the saying "Jack of all trades, master of none," but he obviously never met me. I'm a true multi-tasker, and have achieved great success in many different roles. My peers often say my veristility is unique. I'm available
I'm willing to work on one-day projects, long-term projects, and full time work. I happen to have a career where I've done it all, and have had my own production company too. It's worked and I'd like to work for you.

I once had a college professor who asked me what I wanted to do when I graduated. I told him, "Everything." He said that I couldn't, that I could only do one thing. He was wrong. I can, and I do!

I've been exposed to more production work than most anyone I know, and have filled as many roles as the business offers. Visit my sample page and you'll see that I've successfully produced video across the spectrum. I'm as comfortable at an edit console as I am behind a camera as I am interviewing people. I can make the shyest person feel completely at home in front of a lens, and I've won awards and industry accolades for doing so.

So to my old college professor I say, "I can do it all, and I do every day."

Let Me Show You

It doesn't get any better From conception to completion, let me show you what I am capable of. My Mantra

Good TV has a long-lasting effect, and that's what I love to do.

My Roles

Producer I have produced everything from adverts to talk, syndicated to corporate, news to public relations, and everything in-between.

Director I work well in single and multi-camera direction, specializing in working with non-professional talent.

Editor/Post Supervisor Whether under the best conditions or an impossible deadline, I'm comfortable with editing. And whether it's my story or someone else's, I'm skilled at bringing life to every piece I edit.

Cinematographer I've shot every format of both film and video, and am at home behind the lens. I also teach producing/video-making in private settings and educational institutions.

Lighting Consultant I've designed everything from large studio set-ups to in-home studios, and have been told that my eye for lighting is unmatched. My work is seen on a screen somewhere in the world every day of the year.

Media Consultant I often consult on areas of production for the government, educational institutions, networks, local stations, and everyone in-between.

How-To / Technique


    UPCOMING SEMINAR!! March 16, 2013 Northampton,MA---Walter Graff, will share his knowledge in the area of camera and lighting technique free in Northampton, MA. He will answer any production related questions and demonstrate various set-ups and techniques using both a standard video camera and a DSLR camera. He will use a myriad of lighting fixtures from professional to low-budget / home bought to do this. The purpose of his talk is to show that the fundamentals of good camera set-ups and quality production technique have little to do with budget or technology. Forbes Library 20 West Street, Northampton, MA This workshop will be in the basement of Forbes Library, in the Community Room The event will begin at 9:30am. We have the room booked until 1pm, so anyone may stay after the workshop to share more skills and talk. Feel free to bring your own equipment, and your questions and knowledge! And if you are a company, school, group or individual interested in a seminar, please let me know. I can talk about anything from producing, lighitng, editing, directing, shooting (including DSLR), and a myriad of other things related to any of the articles I post. I can teach at an indivdual level too if you want one-on-one lessons.

    I also offer a few DVD videos on production technique. These are raw, exciting and filled with information you will not get anywhere else for three times the price.

    Plus I sell some of the best dimmers you'll find. These dimmers are a must-have for any light kit.

  • Our Address'

    Hellgate Pictures, Inc 333 E. 102 Street #140,
    New York, NY 10029

    83 S Silver Lane
    Sunderland, MA 01375
    Telephone: +1 212.628.3782
    Cell: +1 917-217-9766

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